Uthuli Othulini -
Amagugu Alelizwe

Performed in the style of a live game show, Uthuli Othulini innovatively weaves in a story about land corruption, about building housing estates on the graves of black people.

Based on AmaBhungane's investigation into the land debate, centred around properly development and reburials, the production focused on the contents of an article by journalist Zanele Mji.

Everything is negotiable

In a production that used humour and entertainment to depict the theft of land from those who could no longer defend themselves, team Uthuli Othulini were bound to face some challenges. These included budgetary constraints when it came to shooting video, compromised footage and a smaller number of staff than anticipated. However, the team worked hard to negotiate a significant discount with a production house to fit within their allocated budget, produced a large amount of good quality footage and even worked well with a smaller team. 

Uthuli Othulini, A Game Show Double Bill, is a panel show that banters about with humour and controversial commentary.

The best acting is instinctive

They learned numerous lessons that they will carry going forward, such as ensuring that the right equipment is available in order to properly capture the show in its entirety, being able to work with different sized casts and the importance of bringing seasoned performers on board early on. 

Kiri Pink Nob is the arts production house behind this unique event that examines, celebrates, and poignantly reflects on the vast experiences lived in South Africa’s many townships.

Laughter is the best medicine

Due to the fact that the performers were all experienced, they already knew beforehand how to deal with the crowd, camera and lighting, which made for a successful show, right from the start. Ten successful and engaging performances were held, with audiences of between approximately 20 and 90 people. All of the audience members at each show had the opportunity to participate in the experience, as members of a makeshift gameshow and many of these participants consisted of high school learners.